What is HD TVI?

HD-TVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface)

is a new breakthrough in CCTV technology allowing the transmission of uncompressed high definition 720p and 1080p video to be sent over conventional coaxial cable. There is virtually no delay for live viewing, and, coupled with more efficient storage algorithms, this technology really is the bees knees.

Because TVI uses standard coaxial we are able to upgrade most systems without the need to re-cable your property keeping disruption and mess to an absolute minimum.

We offer 2 ranges of HD-TVI systems:-

TVI Turbo with eyeball style 1080p cameras complete with 20mtr IR night vision. The recorder will record up-to 12FPS (frames per second) in 1080p and 25fps in 720p.

TVI Turbo+ with full vandal resistant high impact 1080p cameras complete with 30mtr IR night vision. The recorder will record 25FPS (frames per second) in 1080p

The image performance is fantastic from both systems and only bettered by our high-end HD-IP System for demanding installations that require the finest detail.

TVI for your home

TVI for your business