What is HD IP?

HD-IP High Definition (Internet Protocol)

has been around for many years allowing video and audio in digital format to be transferred over a local or wide area network. The recent developments in this technology and massive price reductions now means this technology is available to everyone although choosing the right equipment can be tricky. Like with any electronic equipment there is always going to be a massive injection of cheap low quality products available on the internet and it’s very easy to catch a cold.

Using an IP based system has many advantages such as the ability to use existing network infrastructure within a building although in most cases we would install our own network cabling so  not reliant on a network controlled by a 3rd party. You can also if required have the footage recorded off site in another location.

Our range of IP CCTV systems have been handpicked and vigorously tested for quality and reliability. We only use full 1080p 3 megapixel equipment and the image performance is simply stunning. Facial recognition or number plate identification all a snip with this system.

If your security needs are very demanding then our HD-IP system is the one for you,  it simply is the very best in our range of HD options delivering the very best in CCTV images and packed with more features than you could imagine.

Our HD-IP system is fitted with a state of the art 4,8 or 16 Channel NVR (network video recorder) with recording quality up to 5MP and choice of hard drive options up to 16TB. Our HD-IP camera is a fully vandal resistant full 1080p 3 megapixel dome camera. True day/night camera with built-in IR illuminator up to 30mtrs.

HD-IP CCTV for home

HD-IP CCTV for business