Installed HD CCTV For Your Business From £949

Includes Professional Installation anywhere in the UK

Our Business High Definition CCTV Systems have been hand picked, tried and tested to ensure the very best in CCTV protection for your business premises and to ensure the safety of your staff and minimise losses. Or HD systems work around the clock giving you complete peace of mind even when you are not there.


HD-TVI 1080p 2 camera hd cctv installation

Turbo 1080P HD 2 Camera System

The latest business HD-TVI 1080p 2 Camera CCTV system

  • Now Just £949.00
  • 1080p Recording at 12fps, or 720p Real Time Recording
  • Professional Installation
  • Remote Access

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TVI-Turbo 1080P HD 2 Camera System

Turbo+ 1080P HD 2 Camera System

The latest business HD-TVI+ 1080p 2 Camera CCTV system

  • Now Just £1149.00
  • TVI HD+ Vandal Dome Cameras
  • 1080p Real Time Recording
  • Professional Installation
  • Remote Access

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HD 1080p 3mp 2 Camera IP cctv

ProIP 1080p 3mp HD 2 Camera

Hi-End business HD-IP 3mp 1080p 2 Camera IP system

  • Now Just £1349.00
  • 3mp Full HD Vandal Dome Cameras
  • 1080p Real Time Recording
  • Professional Installation
  • Remote Access

More options Available

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CCTV Visual Deterrent

CCTV is the perfect visual deterrent for your business premises. Whether you are experiencing losses due to staff theft, shoplifting or vandalism our systems are there to ward off any culprit or opportunist looking to help themselves or cause damage to your products or premises. CCTV is also a key factor in maintaining staff and public safety within your business. Every year there are 1000’s of false claims by employees and members of the public for accidents in the workplace. As well as providing a record for these claims, our HD CCTV systems will help towards identifying the key health and safety needs of any business and make for a safe working environment.

Intelligent Recording

All of our HD CCTV Systems have intelligent recording facility. Video footage of your business premises can be recorded 24/7 or on a timed daily/weekly time schedule. You can also ask the system just to record when there is motion activity within the cameras field of view. This saves valuable space on the hard drive and makes searching for incidents a breeze, even from your smartphone, tablet or PC. We can also ask the system to send you an email alert when motion is detected - although we recommend using this feature for internal cameras only without additional external motion detectors.

Complete Business Protection

We offer a complete range of high definition security cameras, external vandal resistant dome cameras or external high impact body cameras if your looking for more of a visual deterrent. These are neat and tidy internal dome cameras with built-in intelligent infra-red night vision, all designed to protect your business premises around the clock. The protection of your business is our priority so whatever problems you are having speak to us, we are sure to have a system to help.

Remote Monitoring

All of our CCTV systems are set up for full remote access via the web on a PC, MAC, Smartphone & Tablets. You can access high quality live and recorded video from anywhere any time for ultimate peace of mind. Compatible with Windows, MAC, Iphone, Ipad, Android and in most cases Windows Mobile. We also include free hosting account for 12 months saving £49. If you already have a CCTV system installed then we can still offer you this service from only £39 (excluding hosting) as long as your system has a network function. Call us for more information.